The Right Lawyer to Defend Your Los Angeles DUI Case

The Right Lawyer to Defend Your Los Angeles DUI Case

A DUI charge in California is a serious offense that can come with serious consequences. Even if this is your first DUI arrest, the effects can be devastating on your life and impact it in a way you never imagined. A DUI on your record could hinder employment opportunities and also cause your car insurance premiums to skyrocket. This is why choosing the best possible Los Angeles DUI lawyer to represent you in your DUI case is of the utmost importance.

Contacting a lawyer or list of lawyers right away is imperative. You will need to request a hearing regarding the state of your drivers’ license within 10 days of being charged. While you are free to do this without DUI attorney in Los Angeles, the chances for a good outcome are vastly improved with an experienced lawyer by your side. But, where do you start? It may be tempting to save yourself some hassle and choose the first lawyer you see out of the Yellow Pages, but this is rarely a good idea. Instead, contact the California bar association for a list of DUI lawyers in your area, as well as their credentials. You can also ask around. You may feel guilt and shame in admitting you are facing a DUI charge, but there is always a chance you know someone who has also been through this and guilt and shame are what stop this person from being public about it.

Once you have compiled a list of about four or five lawyers, call them on the phone and briefly discuss your case. You can often get a feel after just one phone call if someone is the right choice to represent you in court or not. Once you have spoken to a few attorneys, set up an appointment with one or two of them to discuss your situation further. Be sure to ask them about their experience, as well as their success rates with DUI cases. A Los Angeles DUI attorney who sits there promising you the moon is usually not your best bet, but one who is up front and honest with you about the realities of your case and what he can do for you is usually someone you can trust. A good rapport with whichever attorney you choose is also helpful, as you will be spending a lot of time talking to him or her as your case is prepared.

If you are facing DUI charges, do not go it alone and call a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles today to help provide you with the best defense possible.

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