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We understand that being arrested for DUI can be a daunting experience and can leave you feeling shocked and confused. The court process can be intimidating and you face substantial penalties, including jail time, expensive financial penalties and court costs, loss of your driver’s license, DMV costs, an increase in your insurance, and employment consequences. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys are committed to guiding you through the alcohol or marijuana DUI process and helping you get your life back to normal.

DUI convictions are serious and can have lasting repercussions. However, a DUI arrest does not necessarily mean that you will be convicted of a DUI or lose your license. You need a skilled California DUI attorney to help you mitigate the impact that this charge has on your life. Our drunk driving and marijuana DUI attorney combines in-depth knowledge, experience and skill to aggressively defend your legal rights. You have access to a Los Angeles DUI attorney with years of specialized experience and a practice that is centered on drunk driving defense, who understands the criminal court system and DUI procedures inside and out. He understands the complexity of DUI cases and frequently works with expert witnesses to challenge the accuracy of sobriety test results. Our success rate is directly linked to this comprehensive knowledge.

We understand how stressful a DUI can be and are committed to making the process as smooth as possible for our clients. Our DUI Law Office offers personalized service and we work to ensure that your questions and concerns are addressed and that you receive the attention you deserve. Most importantly, we will work diligently to protect your rights and to lessen the impact that the DUI charge has on your life.

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Hiring a Los Angeles DUI Attorney

You may consider handling your DUI arrest on your own (“pro se”), but will likely find that you do not have the experience or knowledge to effectively challenge the charges. The prosecution and judges are not there to advocate on your behalf and are often tough on drunk driving defendants. Attempting to handle your own DUI case can add additional stress and confusion to the already difficult DUI process. Using a DUI attorney in Los Angeles is almost always a better choice than not when you are faced with a Los Angeles DUI.

If you cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint a Public Defender to represent you. However, because there is a great deal at stake in a DUI case, many people prefer to hire a private attorney, who may have a smaller caseload and more time for each individual client. In addition to possible jail time, loss of your license, expensive fines, probation, impound costs, required use of a vehicle interlock device and court-ordered substance abuse treatment or education, DUIs often come with other significant consequences. Some of these consequences include increased insurance premiums, probation violations, loss of your job, loss of a professional license, child custody issues and difficulty obtaining future employment or education opportunities. The serious consequences associated with a DUI will have a far-reaching effect on your life and can greatly impact your loved ones.

Due to the serious nature of a Los Angeles DUI charge, you have a lot to lose if you are arrested for a DUI. Contacting an attorney early on will help you to better understand your rights and can increase your chances of a successful outcome in the DUI criminal process and the DMV administrative process. Our seasoned California DUI lawyer is committed to helping you through every step of the DUI process and are available to represent you at the time of your arrest, at your arraignment, during the pretrial process, at your DMV Hearing and at trial. Our attorney can also assist you following a DUI conviction or plea to represent you in expungement proceedings or probation violations alleged by the District Attorney.

Being charged with this offense can be very stressful and we understand what you are going through. Therefore, we aim to defend your rights and get your life back on track quickly and efficiently.

Contact our office today to set up a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss the details of your case and devise your best defense strategy today. More in-depth information can be viewed on our DUI Blog.

Los Angeles DMV Hearing Attorney

If you have been arrested for Drunk Driving charges, you face license suspension for a minimum of four months, pursuant to a DMV suspension or revocation. As long-time Southern California residents, we understand that Los Angeles is a driving town and that suspension of your California Driver’s License will impact nearly every aspect of your life.

Our experienced attorney will work aggressively to have your license suspension reduced or “set aside” at the DMV hearing. We have a solid understanding of the DUI process and a great deal of experience defending clients against DMV suspensions. Contact us for a FREE DUI Consultation and to learn how we can fight to help you can help you avoid suspension of your license in Los Angeles.

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We understand that facing a alcohol or marijuana DUI can be overwhelming and that hiring an attorney is an important decision. We offer Free DUI Consultations to better enable you to understand your rights and your options. During the consultation, we will review the facts of your case and will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions.

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By Ted Burgess