19 Celebrities With DUIs

19 Celebrities With DUIs

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Celebrities are real people, too. You may think they get away with things that the normal individual wouldn’t – and in some cases, you’d be right. But when it comes to drinking and driving, celebrities get DUIs just like the rest of us. Don’t believe me? Here are 19 reasons that you should.

Some of the names on this list will seem ludicrously obvious, while others might leave you a little shocked. Just know this – every celebrity on this list has had at least one DUI since 2007:

  1. Michelle Rodriguez
  2. Paris Hilton
  3. Kevin Hart
  4. Mike Tyson
  5. Vince Neil
  6. Shia LaBeouf
  7. Heather Locklear
  8. Michael Madsen
  9. Kiefer Sutherland
  10. Lindsay Lohan
  11. Jaime Pressly
  12. Jeffrey Donovan
  13. Mel Gibson
  14. Mischa Barton
  15. Nicole Richie
  16. Amanda Bynes
  17. Randy Travis
  18. Nick Nolte
  19. Gary Busey

Let’s talk about a few of these. It certainly makes sense that kids from ultra-rich families like Paris Hilton and her friend Nicole Richie are on this list. The same goes for rocker Vince Neil and perennial bad boys Michael Madsen and Nike Nolte.

You might not have been shocked to see Gary Busey on the list – he’s a weird one for sure, but strangely enough, the DUI you might be thinking about was something of a shock. That one was actually a staged event – Busey was framed by a local Malibu couple. Even though he was spotted “driving erratically,” when he was pulled over, he passed all of his sobriety tests. Lt. Rich Erickson, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department spokesman, said, “Deputies determined that [Busey] was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Apparently, he’s just not that good a driver.”

In addition to the not-so-surprising part of the list, there is also that group that can be described as young kids having a good time and not really thinking too much about the consequences. Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan top this part of the list. I bet you’re surprised not to see Miley Cyrus on the list – it’s probably because she lets other people drive her around!

Let’s talk about some of the people who shouldn’t be surprises but were to me. Randy Travis is one. He tied one on so well in the summer of 2012 that he was found naked after crashing his Trans Am. He’d been having a bad run at that time and after the crash blew just under three times the legal limit – 0.21 percent.

Heather Locklear was another one that surprised me. Her DUI wasn’t a true case because she pleaded no contest and the case was dismissed, with her only having to pay a $700 fine and take 12 hours of road safety classes. Her DUI wasn’t alcohol-related but rather drug-related, although the details were not released.

I’ve saved the best for last – Shia LaBeouf. Back in 2008, LaBeouf was tagged with a DUI. This was long before his crazy plagiarism case and Twitter apology. This may have been the start of his downward spiral, as he clipped a car turning left at Fountain and La Brea avenues. He ended up getting a one-year license suspension for refusing a chemical test at the hospital.

Of course, there are hundreds of DUIs given out in Los Angeles County every day, so it stands to reason that at least a few of them will be given to celebs. There’s no doubt that we will see at least a few more high-profile DUIs this year.

By Ted Burgess

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