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The city of Whittier is home to Whittier College, a liberal arts school founded in 1887 by the Religious Society of Friends. This school produced such dignitaries as President Richard Nixon, Wayne Grisham, and George Outland. The city grew around this university, which was named after John Greenleaf Whittier.

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Whittier has its roots in the early 1700s, founded by Spaniard Manuel Nieto. He was given a large land grant by the Mexican government in order to promote the settlement of California as well as a reward for successful military service. The city would remain small until 1887, when two things happened: Whittier College was formed and a railroad line was put in the town.

The real boom of Whittier would happen post-World War II, when there was a housing shortage in southern California in response to all the returning GIs. Because of that, the population would grow exponentially, eventually topping off at over 80,000 people, where it currently sits today.

Some popular TV shows and movies have been filmed here, including The Wonder Years, Hocus Pocus, Terminator 3, and Ali. It is also where President Richard Nixon is laid to rest.

This is a nice community, and it is one that takes drunk driving very seriously. If you happen to get caught driving over the legal limit, you will be arrested. If that happens, contact a Whittier DUI attorney as soon as possible. A person with an attorney is far likelier to get a more favorable outcome than someone who represents himself. Therefore, it is in your best interest to retain a Whittier DUI attorney to handle the business of preserving your freedom.

If you have been charged with driving under the influence or other alcohol-related driving offenses, contact a Whittier DUI attorney today in order to learn your rights under the law.

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