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One wouldn’t expect to find a one of the best small towns in America located within one of the largest cities in America, but that’s exactly where you’ll find the city of Walnut. Located on the east side of Los Angeles County, this city was named one of America’s “Best Small Towns” by Money Magazine.

The origins of Walnut date back to the Shoshone Native American tribe, who settled the area thousands of years ago. In the mid-1800s, Mexican land grants were given to settlers to begin developing the area. The city remained relatively rural until the 1980s, when its population grew significantly, all the way to approximately 30,000 residents. Today, this area is one of the most affluent in the state, with a median household income over $106,000.

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Walnut is also the site for a proposed stadium to lure an NFL team back to the Los Angeles area. It is currently competing with the city of Industry to build a stadium that will, hopefully, bring the NFL to the area and bring significant tax revenue to the city and state. As of right now, that process is in a holding pattern, but things can move quickly once a team is found.

With NFL games comes tailgating, and with tailgating comes drinking. If you aren’t careful, you’ll find yourself in need of a Walnut DUI attorney. Always have a designated driver or make plans to somehow get home if you’ve been drinking. But if you find yourself charged with a DUI, contact a Walnut DUI attorney right away. This will allow you to have your questions answered and allow a professional to take over the responsibility of doing the necessary work to have your license reinstated and a defense prepared. Contact a Walnut DUI attorney today to discuss your options.

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