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Located five miles south of downtown Los Angeles, the city of Vernon is one of the smallest cities in Los Angeles County. With a population of only 112, this city has recently been in a battle over disincorporation. Because it is so small and because there is overlap between its services and the services of surrounding areas, many are pushing to have this city absorbed by Los Angeles County.

It is not just the size of Vernon that makes it a candidate for disincorporation; there are also allegations of rampant corruption within the political class that has drawn the ire of Sacramento. Allegations of city employees making outlandish salaries and public employees misappropriating public funds for personal expenses came to light in 2006. These corruption charges resulted in public officials repaying money to the community.

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The city, however, has thus far been able to avoid disincorporation because of a strong alliance between business and labor. The city itself is mainly warehouses and factories. Food service factories, metalworkers, and glassware factories are the largest employers in the city. Upwards of 54,000 people work within the city limits at these various factories, and all of these people have an interest in maintaining the status quo. As long as these interests remain aligned, it will be difficult for Vernon to be absorbed by Los Angeles County.

Just because it’s small, however, does not mean that the penalties for drunk driving are any less severe. If you have been charged with DUI, contact a Vernon DUI attorney today. They will work to make sure any penalties you may face will be kept to a minimum. A Vernon DUI attorney can make sure that your rights are preserved and you get fair treatment under the law. Call a Vernon DUI attorney today for a free consultation to discuss your options.

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