The Dangers of Drinking and Pregnancy

You just found out that you are having a baby – congratulations, on one of the biggest milestones in a mother’s life! You now are beginning the nine month journey that will lead to bringing a new person into the world. After which you will have the responsibility of having the baby grow up to be safe and healthy. Well, to celebrate, how about a drink? Nope, I wouldn’t do that if I were you!

During your pregnancy you now have the responsibility of eating and drinking properly, not only for yourself, but also for your developing baby. Any food, medicine, alcohol and drugs that you take are now also being taken in by your baby. This means that even the simplest medicine that you take for your allergies are now going to your baby as well. While some food, drink and medicine would be fine for you, they may not be for your baby.

This is particularly a concern when alcohol is involved. While you may enjoy the occasional glass of wine or mixed drink, your growing baby doesn’t need the alcohol. In fact, drinking while pregnant can have an adverse effect on the development of your baby. And, continued drinking alcohol could lead to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

If you have been drinking and you just found out your are pregnant – don’t worry. A drink now and then will probably not have an impact on your baby. However, please use caution with whatever you put in your system, and remember that whatever you take in, your baby will also be ingesting. Therefore, it is important that while pregnant you go for regular pre-natal visits with your doctor. They will give you further information on the potential dangers of drinking while pregnant.

By Ted Burgess