A DUI is both scary and embarrassing. You do not need a lawyer that is going to lecture about your choices or life style. You need a non-judgmental advocate that can get you the best result, period. At The Los Angeles DUI Experts, that is exactly what you get. You get attorneys that have been handling DUI cases for two decades that give you a fair and honest assessment of your case.

The cost of a DUI attorney is always an important consideration. Hiring a younger and less expensive attorney is really no better than going with the public defender. And what you save in legal fees can often be outweighed by the expense of a poor result in your case. To justify a large fee, many lawyers will give you “The Sky is Falling” sales pitch. You will hear a list of unlikely horribles that could happen to you with the hopes of landing a large legal fee. And this often works because people arrested for DUIs are already scared and embarrassed.

At The Los Angeles DUI Experts, Ted Burgess and his team quote the same flat fee for almost all our first time offenses. You get an honest assessment of your case and our fees do not vary depending upon where you live, your profession or how much money you make. Our only job is to use our collective years of experience to get you the best possible result with the smallest legal sanctions possible.

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