South El Monte

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South El Monte is one of the towns located on the outskirts of the Los Angeles National Forest. The city is close to Arcadia and is only a short drive from LA, the beach, and Hollywood. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, then you are not limited in your options. You could hike the San Gabriel foothills or ride your bicycle along local trails. If you enjoy golf, then you are just moments away from the Alhambra Golf Course where you can enjoy the fairways and greens under the Southern California sun. If you are ready for a taste of the nightlife, then you can head into Los Angeles, where there is plenty going on any night of the week. Just be sure you have a plan to get home safely without taking a chance with drinking and driving. Other things to do in the South El Monte area include the Santa Anita Race Track, Lose Angeles Arboretum, the Huntington Library, and Art Odyssey.

If you choose to live in South El Monte, you will definitely enjoy the combination of culture, nature, and urban areas that surround you. However, you need to know the laws for the area since the state of California is very strict on DUI. If you are arrested for a driving under the influence charge, then you may receive much more than a “slap on the wrist”. You could go to jail. To protect your rights, you need to call us right away at (213) 799-1250. We will begin working on your defense case right away. You could hire other defense lawyers, but you wouldn’t be getting the best, and when it comes to your future, you need nothing less. We will always work for you with experience, professionalism, and skill that you can only get from our team of lawyers.

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