Sierra Madre

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Located just adjacent to Arcadia, Sierra Madre is nestled in the San Gabriel Mountains foothills. If you live in the town, then you will be able to enjoy all of the nature of Southern California in the Los Angeles National Forest. Sierra Madre was named one of the All American Cities in 2007, making it recognized as a great place to live for families who wish to enjoy close proximity to LA without spending too much time in the metro area.

Sierra Madre is often referred to as the “Wisteria City” because it is home to a 500 foot wisteria vine. To celebrate this landmark, the town has a yearly wisteria festival where you can enjoy vendor exhibits, school artwork, carnival rides, a variety of food, and much more. Additionally, Sierra Madre is home to the smallest bed and breakfast in the US. Called the Jailhouse Inn, this B&B is located in an old jail and it only has one room available.

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Because of its location, Sierra Madre is ideal for those who may want to spend time in the city of LA. Whether you need to have access to professionals like lawyers or you wish to enjoy the sites of Hollywood, you can do so with just a short drive from your home.

If you are unclear on DUI laws in California as well as Sierra Madre, then you could be arrested even if you don’t feel drunk. Obviously, you don’t want to go to jail or face high fines. That means you need to contact a qualified lawyer right away after your arrest. You can call (213) 799-1250 and talk to an attorney who has experience specifically with DUI cases. When you get in contact with us, we will work for you from the beginning of your case to the end.

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