San Marino

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While it may be a small town, San Marino is still a great place to live and it has plenty to offer anyone who is interested in living close to Los Angeles. This town is known for a few things, including parks that have been carefully maintained to offer walking paths, recreational facilities, and places to enjoy a family picnic. Because the town is located in the San Rafael Hills, it offers breathtaking scenery and landscapes as well. San Marino is home to the Huntington Library, which offers more than just a few books. This historical landmark offers art collections from artists local to California and a botanical garden of plants and flowers from the area.

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San Marino is just minutes away from Los Angeles, and that means you can take a short drive into the city, shop in the most famous centers and enjoy the busy nightlife. Additionally, you can easily reach Hollywood and see all of the sites this glamorous city is known for. The nightlife of LA and Hollywood may be a fun excursion from San Marino, but always make sure you don’t drink and drive on your way home.

During the summer, free concerts are offered every weekend at the Levitt Pavilion right in San Marino, and many of them are family friendly.

It’s easy to just enjoy life when you live in Southern California, but be sure you follow the law and know it well. Even if you have only had a couple of drinks, you could be arrested for DUI and that could affect your permanent record and even send you to jail. Before you even talk to the police after your driving under the influence arrest, you should call a lawyer. When you call (213) 799-1250, you will be able to speak directly to an experienced defense attorney.

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