San Gabriel

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One of the most important notable landmarks in San Gabriel, California is the Mission San Gabriel Arcangel. This mission predates the town and even gave it its name. While remaining in full function as a Roman Catholic mission, it also offers a museum and look into the California Catholic past.

San Gabriel is home to a variety of different food options with restaurants of many different ethnicities. You could visit the Jazz Cat Restaurant, which is an interesting mix of Japanese style cuisine and an American jazz age look. Other cuisines offered throughout the town include Asian, Vietnamese, traditional American, Italian, and much more.

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If you are interested in shopping, then you can visit surrounding areas of San Gabriel. The Old Town Pasadena area is close by and it offers a variety of artisan shops, markets, and professional offices. Additionally, you could go into the city of Los Angeles, just minutes from San Gabriel, and shop at the numerous famous centers there.

San Gabriel is not one of the largest towns in the area, but it still offers a thriving professional district. If you need to make an appointment with a dentist, hire a lawyer, choose someone to do your taxes, or get your computer repaired, you will be able to find someone to help you.

As with all other parts of California, San Gabriel abides by the strict DUI laws to protect citizens. If, by chance, you were to drink and drive, then you could be arrested and this could seriously affect your future. Make sure you get the legal representation you need as soon as you find out you are being arrested. We offer a professional team of experienced lawyers who can help you. If you need us, then make sure to call (213) 799-1250 so that we can help you right away.

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