Safe Driving Tips and Advice

Driving an automobile is a fun and possibly adventurous activity. In an auto you can drive where you want and when you want. Cars open up a world of opportunities for young and old to drive where they would like to go. However, while driving is a fun activity, it is also a potentially dangerous activity.

There are many dangers associated with driving automobiles. Some of these dangers such as properly utilizing safety devices, being distracted while driving and not properly securing children are risks that can be avoided. Others such as driving in bad weather and other unsafe drivers are not in our control. But, by following motor vehicle rules and regulations you should be able to operate your car safely.

The following resources have been gathered to assist drivers of all ages in safely operating their cars. We hope the information is helpful to you and others in your household. Please feel free to use this information and also share it with others who may benefit. And, here is to safe driving!

By Ted Burgess