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Rosemead is a part of a group of cities located just to the northeast of Los Angeles. Because of its location, Rosemead is close to the hustle and bustle of the city, but is also close to the Arcadia Wilderness Area. That means, you can enjoy life in a rural or urban setting on any given day based on your preferences.

If you enjoy a drive into the city, be sure to check out Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, the Walk of Fame, and much more. LA is also known for its restaurants and busy nightlife. Of course, always be responsible if you do take in the nightlife scene, and avoid getting a DUI.

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If you want to enjoy something close to home, then visit the Dinsmoor Heritage House in Rosemead. This historic museum offers tours to give you a glimpse of life in Southern California in 1902. Marinelli Stadium is actually a part of the Rosemead High School grounds, but it is home to a bronze statue of Rod Marinelli, former coach of the Detroit Lions. Anyone interested in sports would enjoy a visit to see it.

There are several city parks throughout Rosemead, where you can take a walk or bike ride along miles of trails or even spend a day on a picnic. Many of the parks also include playgrounds for the children as well.

Rosemead offers a variety of professional services, and if you have been arrested for drinking and driving, then you need to call (213) 799-1250. A DUI offense is not something that you should ever take lightly because it can be on your permanent record forever. You need the proper legal representation, and you need an attorney as soon as you have been arrested. We will get to work defending your rights the moment that you contact us.

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