Redondo Beach

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If you like the idea of living right on the Pacific Ocean, then Redondo Beach is right for you. Located just to the north of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, this town offers a laid back beach lifestyle where you can spend your days on the waterfront, lying in the sand, surfing the waves, or enjoying other water sports. You could even take part in a beach volleyball contest if you would like. If surfing is not an activity for you, you may still enjoy showing up at the beach in the mornings and watching others ride the waves with skill and ease. The Riviera Village is the downtown portion of Redondo Beach and it is home to a variety of restaurants, shops, and even professional businesses like attorney offices and more. If you want to enjoy the touristy side of the city, then look no further than the Marina, Harbor, and Pier Complex. Here, you will find a variety of beach-based gift shops, ethnic restaurants, wine galleries, and more.

Redondo Beach is located just minutes to the southwest of Los Angeles, and you may enjoy trips into the city for the nightlife, star sightings, and other activities. LA can be a fun place to visit, but don’t forget the laws of California. If you have a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or higher, and you choose to drive, you are taking your chances with the law. Should you be arrested for drinking and driving, then you can face a variety of charges that may result in jail time and will definitely result in penalties and fines. To avoid the worst sentencing, you need an experienced lawyer who can handle your case with skill. That means, you need to call (213) 799-1250. We will work to protect your rights.

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