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With its solid school system, big employers, and ample activities, it’s no secret that Glendora is a great place to live. Of course, that idyllic life can come crashing down if you get pulled over for a DUI. Not only will people in the community likely find out, but you will have to worry about how you will defense yourself in court. You can’t do much to stop people from talking, but you can hire a DUI defense attorney to take care of your court problem. Then, as your attorney works on your case, you can immerse yourself in the community to do a little damage control.

For example, you might want to check out one of the local golf courses. If you’re lucky enough to be a part of the Glendora Country Club, you will be able to go out and play with the big boys. Best of all, the course is so nice that you’ll have a lot of fun while you’re doing your damage control.

You can also spend some time out on the trails in Glendora. Take the time to talk with the people who use the trails. You might even be able to go hiking or horseback riding with some of the others. It will be a great way to reconnect with the community and let people know that you aren’t just a person who got a DUI. You are a real person who can contribute to the community.

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As you go out and connect with the people of Glendora, your DUI attorney will be inside, working the court system to get you the best possible outcome. He won’t rest until he tries everything to mitigate your charges. At that point, you will get your life back, only it will be better than ever since you will have new ties to the community.

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