What happens when the case is taken to court?

If you are charged with a DUI you will have to appear before the judge at a designated date and time which will be mentioned on your ticket or in your paper work.

You must decide whether you will go solo or if you want to hire an attorney. If you decide not to hire an attorney, you will appear before the judge on the designated time mentioned in your paper work. The judge will first handle attorney-represented cases, and later he will move on to the non-attorney represented cases.

At some time during the proceedings the judge will ask you to enter your plea. If you plead guilty then the sentence will be passed immediately and you will be given the due punishment for your crime depending upon your county, state and judge. Punishment for DUI crimes usually entails jail time, or programs that count as jail, as well heavy fines and probation.

If you plead as non-guilty then the judge will ask you several questions to determine whether you want to forfeit your constitutional rights including your right to a speedy trial. It is best to hire an attorney before your trial so that he can help you suffer minimum loses from your case.