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Cerritos is a beautiful, fun place to live, and not just because it is located in California. The city places a big emphasis on art and encourages residents to tap into their creative sides. It also has lots of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy.

When it comes to art, the city is best known for its Sculpture Garden. The garden was created in 2006 and houses the city’s collection of public artwork. If you go, you will be able to see the Cerritos Art Disaster Memorial, the Statue of Freedom and other pieces. You can also admire the grounds. There are lots of beautiful trees and stone walls on the grounds, making it a sight to see.

Along with the Sculpture Garden, residents can find art around Cerritos. There is artwork in front of shopping centers, on street corners, and in other areas. It’s nearly impossible to spend any time in Cerritos without seeing some art.

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It’s also nearly impossible to spend time in Cerritos without taking part in some of the outdoor activities that are available. For instance, it’s hard for golfers to stay away from the local golf course. The 9-hole executive course is one of the nicest in the area, and it’s a lot of fun.

Additionally, it’s hard for nature lovers to stay away from the multiple parks, just as it is difficult for thrill seekers to avoid the skate park.

There is one thing that can keep you away from all of these things, though, and it’s a DUI. If you don’t put up a good DUI defense, you could end up behind bars instead of out in the fresh air. With that in mind, contact a DUI attorney in Cerritos to help you with your charges. Then, you can enjoy everything Cerritos has to offer.

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