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Arcadia isn’t an average city. It is actually packed full of things for residents to do, so people never have to worry about succumbing to boredom. Best of all, the activities are varied, so everyone can find something they like. It’s important to keep yourself safe when you do the activities in Arcadia, and if you do run into any trouble, contact a DUI attorney immediately.

Those who like horse racing will love Santa Anita Park. This park is home to the Santa Anita Derby, along with lots of other races and events.

The Acadia Par-3 Golf Course is also really popular with residents. The 18 hole course is a great place to get in a quick game. You can work on your shots and practice your short game. You can also take in the fresh air and have some fun with your friends when you hit the links.

The Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage is also a hit with residents. They museum has permanent and temporary exhibits, as well as workshops. It even has an outdoor film series. It’s easy to see why people love the museum and keep coming back year after year.

Finally, people can go down the famous Route 66 in Arcadia. The famous road has been immortalized in songs and books, and residents enjoy driving along so they can be a part of that history.

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All of these activities are a lot of fun, but you have to be out of jail to enjoy them. With that in mind, be sure to use an Arcadia DUI attorney if necessary. Drunk driving charges are very serious, and you need a skilled attorney on your side to fight for you. Otherwise you could end up without a license and with a serious mark on your record. You don’t want that to happen, so hire a DUI defense attorney to help.

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